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150LED Motion Sensor Solar Lamp


Solar panel: 6V, 3W

Battery: 3.7V, 4000mAh 18650 Li-ion battery
Charging time: 6-8h
Waterproof: IP65
Cable length: 5m
Solar panel size: 180*155*15mm
Light size: 178*138*110mm
Material: Polysilicon solar panel + Copper wire + Plastic
Light source: 150pcs 2835 LED
Light color: Pure white/ Warm white


Very low heat generating, besides saving light power.

You can use in home, garden, balcony, any other place as you like.

Environment friendly and low power consumption.

Recharged by sunlight for store power.

Sensitive light induction and infrared induction of human body that turn on the light automatically.

Package Included:

1 x Solar Panel

1 x Induction Lamp

1 x Cable

function introduction:

Switching mode: manual switch + light control sensor + microwave radar body sensing
Human body sensing: The light is emitted when triggered by the human body. After the person leaves, delaying for a period of time, the light turns into weak light mode or goes out.
Light control : When the solar light senses the ambient light reaches a certain darkness,automatic light emission, when the ambient brightness reached, turns off automatically.

Radar body sensing function:

1. Installation height 3-5 meters. In the open environment, the human sensing distance is 5-7 meters.
2. Human body sensing function When the lithium battery voltage is too low, the sensitivity will be weakened to some extent. This is normal.
3. In the working mode, the light automatically lights up when someone approaches.
15-20 seconds after the person left, the lights were off in the unmanned state.
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